Sunday, 6 September 2015

On the train home from Cambridge...

On the train home from Cambridge...

Friendship that doesn’t speak
Only eyes that look on the written word.
The knowing know that transcends all bullshit
Months of absence; absent bout nought.
Scribbled lives, connecting lines
Connected wires – left idle; unspoken.
Debts of gratitude
 From despair worn over years,
Happiness refreshed in minutes
Blessed with communion and beautiful views.

A spy to my soul, caretaker extraordinaire:
My unsung, undone, unused hero
Whose only idea can soothe my heart.
Perfectly flawed – never needed to be fixed
Only loved, and adored, adorned with new life.
New hope, new loves
New laughs and old conversation.
The perfect pair
For me; from you

Perfect love, I thought I could only imagine.