Tuesday, 20 January 2015


“I really do miss you,”
“And I do too”
Words so much too said,
What it means is never read.

I miss your voicemail message
And how I feel at your missed your call,
I want you to demand from me, ask too much of me
Talk about your day to me, when I didn’t ask.

I miss the smell of you: miss the safety of two
The everything will be ok as long as I still have you.
I want to talk to you, walk next to you
Get annoyed at you when you whenever I want to.

I miss sitting next to you, being close to you
Hearing your voice and knowing I’m here with you.
I’m tired of missing you, can’t stop wishing for you
But not only you, not only now,
Too much, too many, too far, still, but how?

Monday, 5 January 2015

5th January; Be gone

Two dates to dread,
Two poems to write
Two loved ones too missed
In a world that will never be right.
Too many memories lost
Unmade, unhad
Unremembered moments
Too far away to remain.
Numbers that will only grow
Dates and years
Unversaries that should never be known.
Another heinous day of sadness and sorrow
That steals my happiness today and tomorrow.
Oh day of pain
Sheer shock untamed
Please leave my heart, just let me be
Let tomorrow come: let the grief be done
No more!

Be gone!