Sunday, 23 December 2012

Flying home for Christmas

I'm heartsick for your arms around me
Squeezing me like you'll never let go.
Tears are lined up in my tired eyes
Fighting to get out, impatient for your sight.
The minutes linger in the air
Through hours of clouds that go further than I.
I try to sleep, to dream of not being awake
To dream that you'll wake me with your gentlest call. 
I'm so close, so nearly there
There where I want to belong
Here where I learned how to live again.
I'm exhausted with anticipation
Unsteadied by emotion.
Overcome with love, so ready for your warmth. 
I just want to sit next to you:
Watch the whiles go by with you,
To hear you call my name
And be the version of me that's native to you.
Another minute, another mile
Another few hours and you're mine.
My beloved. My joy. My soul. My safety.
My favourite place: Chicago.
My favourite me in you. 

Thursday, 20 December 2012


I still think of you
And it makes me warm
What could have been
Not always was, now never is.
Your smile, your skin,
The look that made me safe,
It’s still here in my chest,
Right next to my heart.
Never made it through,
Never broke the seal
So there they stay:
Your look and my heart,
Too close, but you’re too far,
Too long ago to forget the feeling.