Saturday 26 October 2019

A poem from two of my favorites

Yo, Caro
How does your Marrow Grow?

By Marrow, of course we mean brain
Because your lyrical skills are insane.
We hope you had an amazing Birthday,
Sorry it’s late but these words we say ...

Thank you so much for being a star,
It’s a little sad that we can only say this from afar.
But distance is just a measurement,
And you are a key part of our new regiment!

Although we’re not with you all of the time,
Just remember us when you read this rhyme,
Even if we wait another two years,
Before you know it, we’ll be raising our glassses and saying CHEERS!

By Allison Garoghan and Simon Garoghan

Sunday 20 October 2019

Oh be Joyful (for that complicated third drink)

Oh be joyful for today we smile.
Two loved ones, so in love,
Celebrating their union with an army of friends.

A rainbow of happiness: every shade of love a promise.
Laughter rings and echoes out,
In-decision put aside.

Walking, running, stumbling together,
Miles behind you - marathons to go.
A world of places to travel to as your world grows.

Exciting and passionate with the strength of a canon,
Nurtured by family; watching, smiling on.

Blunt as a spade, honest, real and fun,
Looks in rare found silence speak embraces for years to come.

An artist with flare, an organiser of hearts and minds,
Stronger together, building a home.

So, oh let’s all be joyful, for blind dates and third drinks.
For all the love we share with you.
For your hearts joined as one.

Thursday 8 August 2019

Another day

It’s Thursday the 8th. (1)
6 am wake-up call - magic on the way.
A day of laughter, happiness
And the deep love of a beautiful friend.
Cheerful tears from windswept eyes. (5)
Hugs with childhood friends,
Fairies, foes, princesses in castles.
Adulthood forgotten; drowned out by fireworks
Home by the stroke of midnight.
The clock strikes….it’s Friday the 9th.  (10)