Wednesday, 30 October 2013



The wind on my face
Stroking my skin
Massaging my worries
Waking my mind.
Waiting walking
Wondering whats next
Roaming the unknown
Seeking the undone



Land of the motorbikes
Land of the horns
An orchestra of noise
Rows of wheels parked two by two.

Accents and embellishments
Every word a work of art
White pillars and black lines
Light from the neath annotated with gold.

Boxes stacked on boxes -
Piled on bikes weave through and round,
Eyes wide at pale legs
Half covered faces that give naught away.



A golden heart and the strongest head,
 Beautifully complex but still simply beautiful.  

Direct directions, always finding never lost,
Collecting moments, ideas, hearts: the lot.

Content, continuous, conscientious and kind,
Delicately smiling, clicking your way through life.

Listening, thinking, contemplating us,
Sharing real happiness: your gift to the world.

Monday, 28 October 2013

You weren't there

You weren't there

Four Irishmen, one Aussie and a Brit walk into a bar
And light it up with laughter.
Humming theme tunes and shouting lamb chops
Full of hearts, avoiding the ace.

Four Irishmen, one Aussie and a Brit walk into a bar
And memories are made.
Fast friends make strong bonds
When miles away from home.

Four Irishmen, one Aussie and a Brit walk into a bar
And quickly fall in love.
Hidden souls resurface
From still waters that run so deep.

Four Irishmen, one Aussie and a Brit walk into a bar
And time stands still.
Gentle nudges and cheeky grins
Love so strong it’s mistaken for hate.

Four Irishmen, one Aussie and a Brit walk into a bar
And never want to leave.
Soaring through clouds of happiness
Elation that’s catching; infecting smiles.

Four Irishmen, one Aussie and a Brit walk into a bar
And leave their hearts there.
Goodbyes, they are inevitable
But we will always have Nam.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Too soon

Too soon

I’ve got you here with me now,
Your photo in my heart.
As I see things you never could,
Experience the world you left too soon.

I’m thinking of you now,
Everywhere I go.
Loving and living in your stead,
Experiencing the world you left too soon.

I’m climbing for you now,
Diving and swimming where you couldn’t.
Making each single second count,
To experience the world you left too soon.

I’m living for you now,
To ease the pain your loss has caused.
Imagining your smile -
Because you would want me to experience the world you left too soon

Monday, 21 October 2013

Brutal beauty

Brutal Beauty

Young trees and small buildings
Misty mountains breathless in the background
A raindrop orchestra dresses leaves in diamonds
And ripples reflecting each green and every brown.
Rivers falling, flooding, flowing
Tall limbs that reach, bending, bowing.
Silence surrounds quiet; tranquility defined
Past secrets forgiven – almost forgotten
But never far away.

Sunday, 20 October 2013



Faith is a bird
Precious feathers that float in the breeze.
She speaks her voice through the silence
Sings out in peace and statue.

Faith is a child
Playing hide and go seek.
Her attention flickers from new world to new world
With innocent eyes that dart around.

Faith is a candle
Lighting up a darkened room.
Though she is tortured by the wind
Still she holds strong; strong and true

Faith is a snowflake
Unique in everyone.
Resting on pavements, paths and houses
She blesses all she's touched

Faith is a blade of grass or grain of sand
Strong amongst communion.
The sum of her parts that make up the whole
Harder to see for all the trees.

Faith is a poem
A collection of thoughts and prayers.
Her words become promises
Kept forever, forgotten in now.

Faith is like hope, like love, like forgiveness
She needs protection and time; patience un-ended.
She will never be bought and never be sold
But bravely won by the worthiest heart.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Depending on rest and water

Depending on rest and water 

A fuzzy feeling foreign to my body
Washes over in waves unsettling the view.
Flashes of black and cold burn inside my ears
As tears of hot sweat bead quick across my brow.
Seconds stretch and collapse,
The air weighs on me heavy,
Try to blink the fog from behind my eyes
But still the mist remains.
Moving slowly: tender knees and trembling steps
Distracted by focus, cared for by strangers
Depending on rest and water.

Skinny Hi

Skinny Hi

Oh Skinny Hi your voice is syrup
And your laugh, it warms my heart.
Your smile explodes across your face
And teeth that beam welcome the world.

Hey Hi, my dear oh sweetest Hi
Your soul, it is exquisite.
Like medicine for the mind and food for thought

Your cheer has made my day.

Soft Tears

Soft tears

I weep for humility
Humbled as I am.
Humanity fails before my eyes
All softness forever undone.
I weep for joy, for forgiveness unbound
In pain, I weep for their sorrow
Overwhelmed by a land of smiles
That suffers hardships I will never know.

I weep to find the strength
To accept what I haven’t effected.
For peace and grace beyond all known
To protect them that should have been protected.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Three Eight Thirty

Three years of ugliness: unimaginable
Eight months of injustice: inconceivable
Thirty days that will never be undone
And so a people shed tears of grace - beaten but not gone.

Three years, but never over
Eight months, still stories untold
Thirty days with wounds still healing
The sting of the past now burns as the sun.

Three years, eight months, thirty days they tried,
Yet peace and patience blooms in humble, forgiving eyes.
So precious as flower that smiles with determined hope,

That three years, eight months, thirty days are forever gone. 
I can’t blink, can’t sleep
For the beauty at my window.
My eyes hurt with newness,
Too much gone too quick to see.
I can’t breathe, can’t think
Open mouthed, inhaling the horizon.
Beyond the unfamiliar and over the unknown,

Behind what I’ve never seen and the hidden truths that pass me by.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Only those who sleep

Watching you sleep, a child just like me,
Vulnerable as a petal that floats into dreams.
Calm strokes your cheek as a mother soothes her child,
Kissing every heart beat as it flutters at your nape.

Softness is your innocence,
Your thoughts like trees bend strong and long.
All air around you slows its pace.
What days cannot hold, that night can never keep.

Still: moving only in time -
Washed by browns and greys that hush past your ears.
Fall into sleep, head cushioned by its peace,
And whisper secrets through parted lips, to only those who sleep.


Rain like you’ve never known,
Rain that blurs the screen ahead:
The unknown ahead.

More rain.
New rain,
Hot, sweet rain anointing my brow:
Blessed by the road.

Water rolling by
Miles, from miles,
Racing across the pane -
Pain, for gone.

Grey skies danced with red and gold,
Rainbow clouds that dust the way.
Colour bursting from raindrops
As they smash against the bay.