Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Breathe in: a long, slow, deep breath
And hold. 
Eight. Release.
Breathe out: a long slow, deep breath
Till nothing more will come,
Till only Nothing will ever come.   
Black spots and dizzy thoughts take over, 
Needle prickling fingers quiver side to side. 
Nausea rises, ebs, and waves threaten,
Legs betray; this is the last stand.
A falling wind, felling an oak…


Breathe in:

Monday, 9 April 2018

Gingers are more fun

Gingers are more fun than anybody else,
They’re special, extraordinary, hilarious and smart.
Carrot tops have more to say than brunettes or blonds,
And none of them are scared to say what's really in their heart.

Gingers become family without even trying,
They listen with no judgement, counsel for free.
The strawberry blond army is loyal and fierce,
With the strength of a tigress protecting what she loves.

Gingers are awesome, nothing more to be said,
Find one, keep one, worship every one you meet.
But my ginger, is the ginger, that others wish they had,
My Kerry, my other, my dearest, red-haired friend.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Stop the sweeping statements 
Empty as they are
No-one walks on water
You can't fix broken glass.

I am not the only
You are not the one
Solely is our beginning
Soulmates come and gone.

Blood is thinner than steel
Water flows in every vein
Don’t believe the scripted lies
Distort the many hues. 

Forever never lasts
Never doesn't exist
Extremes divide and conquer
Nothing is the biggest word.

Lower your expectations
Noone will ever meet them
But hope high for everything,
You might get something. 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

For Phoenix

Dear phoenix, oh phoenix
Oh ancient, artful, omniscient bird.
You who is knowledge and strength and beauty,
You who is one in a crowd of others.

Cut from the sand in a far away place,
Danced into life by flames kicking at the stars,
Forged from blessed fire into delicate glass,
Risen again as protector of the sun.

Teach us your wisdom,
Steal us with strength,
Grace us with beauty and honour and love.
You who is one in a crowd of others.

Oh Phoenix, dear Phoenix
Oh delicate, sleeping, dreaming girl.
Just embers now, to be fanned and kept,
Glistening moments, turned memories so quick.

Cut from the stars that are smiling above,
Dreamed into life with protection and warmth, 
Forged from blessings into delicate feathers -
Unfurl your wings - come greet the sun

Follow your wisdom,
Trust in your strength,
Grow with beauty and honour and love.
- Live to be one in a crowd of others.