Monday, 11 November 2013



I just met you, just a few moments ago
And you made me feel loved.
You looked at me once,
Saw something you liked.
You listened and you laughed with me
Cried a single tear…
And you made me feel loved.

Our time together was fleeting, already gone too soon.
We shared discoveries, opinions;
Thoughts on life, love and passion.
We explored corners unknown and found beauty untold
Adoring every moment…
And you made me feel loved.

I thought I was broken but you never saw the cracks.
You had no questions, reservations, concerns
You sat with my joy, my crazy, my silence,
Not once was I judged for being who I am.
I just met you, just a few moments ago…

But you made me feel loved. 



Water cascading through water
Mountains of foam brushing away the rocks.
Tides parting, breaking, merging
The roar of the waves echoes from on high.
I could stay here all day
The water drowning my thoughts.
The sun warms my back
And ideas flowing through me

Start to stir these sleepy hands.

If I tried

If I tried

If I tried to explain it you just wouldn’t believe me:
It’s paradise, heavenly,
Too good to be true

If I tried to describe it my words could never tell:
The truth about beauty and nature,
The world on its own

If I tried to paint a picture no colour would do:
No brush could follow the line
Serenity forms before my eyes

If I tried to put it to music I’d rather become deaf:
Than attempt to mimic perfection;
An unthinkable, unjust task.

If I tried to write it in verse I would end up giving up:
Because this moment, this scene, this feeling

Is far beyond the life I know. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Oliver

My Oliver

My best friend and my silent partner
My warmth, comfort, my sense of belonging.
My baby, ward, my beautiful soul,
My dependant and my welcome home.

My early rise and late to bedder
My loyal, dearest, most selfless ally.
My contentment, my relaxer;
Relaxing, reclining feline prince, who sits with my distress.

My memories of times gone by
My rock who never cried,
Who misses every day with me
Who witnessed every night.

My solace and my peacefulness
With love and patience be,
An alien example of everything I need

What's lost I found in he. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sleepless in the jungle

Nature does not stop
It never sleeps: never quits.
Always working, always moving
Never sick and never slowing.
Changing, growing, being born every day -
You will never step in the same river twice,
See the same sunrise, or feel the same wind.

And when it gets bored of just being beauty
When nature tires of its grace and glory,
It screams and shouts. It thrashes and crashes,
Maims its own children in fits of anger born from nowhere .

Till beauty is restored and nature calms by itself
Never slowing, never stopping

Always working, never sick.

Sitting on a rock
In the middle of a river
In the middle of a jungle
In the middle of a country
In the middle of a world that I don’t know anymore.......

And that’s enough for me.
The silence of friendship

An hour long wait and a leather bag,
Taxis’ home and tears in too long absence.
Matching pillow cases: together forever,
Forever together and still only smiles.
Cartoon characters, superhero and sidekick,
Evil twins and love locked soul mates,
A pessimist and a puppy.
A thousand I love yous, even when it’s hard to say.
A key and a lock. Locked as one - just clicked.
A hundred years friendship without any walls

A lesson for everyone; the envy of all.