Monday, 21 February 2011

(Inspired by extracts from the Greek novel Nai – author unknown)

Sleep sweeter than death,
Death more beautiful than the moon,
If I cannot die I must sleep - sweet suicide.

Don’t fight it, stop fighting. Be calm, be still.
 Clamp my arms to my sides, cross my legs to keep them from running.
Allow my wild heart to beat like crazy:
One two, one two, one two, one two.
Where is three?
Will I ever see three?
Does it come when I stop breathing?

One two, one two, one two, one two. Hold my breath:


My lungs are burning and my face is cold.
Stop fighting, don’t fight it, don’t stop.
Look harder, deep in my heart.
Push longer, look deeper for something that’s not there.



One two, one two, one two, one two, one two, one two, one two, one two.
My heart beats still, a clock in my chest.
The bells are ringing, its three am.
The alarm: a fire, a burglar, the end of time.
Don’t stop, be calm, be slow. Be real.
One two, one, one two.

My hair, my toes, my teeth feel strange.
I weep, hot tears burning my frozen face.
Mascara runs down my cheek bones:
Green, blue, black shadow tumbles from my eyelids.
I am betrayed; my vanity smudged.

I am unique, so special I can never know.
My head is dizzy, my feet still.
Two one, one two one,
Lost count.  
Two. Sleep.
One. Death. Two.
Three eludes me.

Monday, 14 February 2011

A Kiss

C: Are you happy for me?

A: Why wouldn’t I be happy for you?

C: So you’re not.

A: I didn’t say that

C: So why don’t you answer me?

A: Yes. I’m happy for you.

C: I don’t believe you.

A: Then how do I win?

C: Actions speak louder than words

A kisses C – C pulls away.

A: Actions speak louder than words!


B: Why are you laughing at me?

D: I’m not. I love you (kisses B)

B: Stop it.

D: stop what?

B: This. Stop patronising me.

D: I’m patronising you. Great. Thanks. You really know how to ruin a moment.

B: You’re the one who’s laughing

D: (shouting) I’m not laughing! For gods sake stop being so stupid.


E: How much do you love me? What would you do for me?

G: Anything

E: like what?

G: I’d move the moon for you.

E: don’t be stupid.

G: I’m not. I’d move the moon and pluck a star from the sky......

E: Whatever?

G: Well what do you expect?

E: you to take me seriously for five minutes

G: If I say something romantic you’re pissed at me for being stupid. If I say something stupid you tell me to be serious. How can I win?

E: you’re not supposed to.

G: ok so I lose. That’s how much I love you.

E: ok.

G: I love you so much I’ll lose this dumb fight with you everyday for the rest of my life.

E: The rest of your life? (with a laugh) You wish.

G: I hope not. (kiss)

E: as if you could put up with it.

G: I’ll do more than put up with it. I’ll love it.

E: Me:

G: You. (kiss)


H brings F some flowers.

H: What did you do to deserve a boyfriend like me?

F: I just don’t know.

H: I do. (kiss) Thank you

F: what are you saying thank you for? You just got me these.

H: you let me.

F: well life is tough when I’m presented with beautiful flowers from a gorgeous man, but I’m coming to terms with it slowly.

H: I knew you’d cope. (kiss)

F: Will you bring me flowers when I’m old and wrinkly?

H: How wrinkly?

F: oi!! (Kiss) Really wrinkly.

H: Really, really wrinkly?

F nods.

H: Will you let me bring you flowers when I’m  really wrinkly?

F: Maybe.

H: So maybe I’ll bring them.


C: You give me butterflies (kiss)

A: hmmmmm

C: Right here. (points to lower stomach)

A kneals down to kiss the area

A: only the most beautiful butterflies though.

C: (laugh) I can’t feel my fingers.

A: These fingers (holding her hands) They’re still here. I promise. Delicate and beautiful.

C: Stop it.

A: Stop what (stands up) telling you how amazing you are?

C: I’m only amazing when you look at me

A: bull shit

C: you’re my beautiful shoes.

A: your whar?

C: my beautiful shoes. They make me feel special.

A: you are special.

C: but I believe that when I’m wearing my beautiful shoes; when I’m looking at you.

A: couldn’t I be a more manly pair of shoes

C: like my running shoes?

A: well.....

C: what if I call you my doc martins?

A: you do not own a pair of doc martins.

C: I could.

A: someone who uses the phrase beautiful shoes, and uses it as much as you do would never own a pair of doctor martins.

C: whatever.