Monday, 14 February 2011

A Kiss

C: Are you happy for me?

A: Why wouldn’t I be happy for you?

C: So you’re not.

A: I didn’t say that

C: So why don’t you answer me?

A: Yes. I’m happy for you.

C: I don’t believe you.

A: Then how do I win?

C: Actions speak louder than words

A kisses C – C pulls away.

A: Actions speak louder than words!


B: Why are you laughing at me?

D: I’m not. I love you (kisses B)

B: Stop it.

D: stop what?

B: This. Stop patronising me.

D: I’m patronising you. Great. Thanks. You really know how to ruin a moment.

B: You’re the one who’s laughing

D: (shouting) I’m not laughing! For gods sake stop being so stupid.


E: How much do you love me? What would you do for me?

G: Anything

E: like what?

G: I’d move the moon for you.

E: don’t be stupid.

G: I’m not. I’d move the moon and pluck a star from the sky......

E: Whatever?

G: Well what do you expect?

E: you to take me seriously for five minutes

G: If I say something romantic you’re pissed at me for being stupid. If I say something stupid you tell me to be serious. How can I win?

E: you’re not supposed to.

G: ok so I lose. That’s how much I love you.

E: ok.

G: I love you so much I’ll lose this dumb fight with you everyday for the rest of my life.

E: The rest of your life? (with a laugh) You wish.

G: I hope not. (kiss)

E: as if you could put up with it.

G: I’ll do more than put up with it. I’ll love it.

E: Me:

G: You. (kiss)


H brings F some flowers.

H: What did you do to deserve a boyfriend like me?

F: I just don’t know.

H: I do. (kiss) Thank you

F: what are you saying thank you for? You just got me these.

H: you let me.

F: well life is tough when I’m presented with beautiful flowers from a gorgeous man, but I’m coming to terms with it slowly.

H: I knew you’d cope. (kiss)

F: Will you bring me flowers when I’m old and wrinkly?

H: How wrinkly?

F: oi!! (Kiss) Really wrinkly.

H: Really, really wrinkly?

F nods.

H: Will you let me bring you flowers when I’m  really wrinkly?

F: Maybe.

H: So maybe I’ll bring them.


C: You give me butterflies (kiss)

A: hmmmmm

C: Right here. (points to lower stomach)

A kneals down to kiss the area

A: only the most beautiful butterflies though.

C: (laugh) I can’t feel my fingers.

A: These fingers (holding her hands) They’re still here. I promise. Delicate and beautiful.

C: Stop it.

A: Stop what (stands up) telling you how amazing you are?

C: I’m only amazing when you look at me

A: bull shit

C: you’re my beautiful shoes.

A: your whar?

C: my beautiful shoes. They make me feel special.

A: you are special.

C: but I believe that when I’m wearing my beautiful shoes; when I’m looking at you.

A: couldn’t I be a more manly pair of shoes

C: like my running shoes?

A: well.....

C: what if I call you my doc martins?

A: you do not own a pair of doc martins.

C: I could.

A: someone who uses the phrase beautiful shoes, and uses it as much as you do would never own a pair of doctor martins.

C: whatever.

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