Thursday, 13 February 2014

Goodbye England’s rose

What words? What noise? What tears?
Will ever do her justice?
Goodbye is such a hateful sound
I can’t bring myself to make it;
It’s too ugly, too hard, too final to say
To our darling Amanda, the adventurer we’ve lost.

A precious gem, loved near and far
Through continents and counties
States and countries who know who they are.

A smile as wide as mountain ranges
That lingers in every memory
Luminous with love and hope and care
Her sparkling teeth and wilful hair.

Not easy to please, not always a dream
A woman who felt and fought.
Unsurprisingly funny, and still, surprised to be.
A true performer with and without the performance

A willing host, a seasoned chef
Head held high, straight back, arms out
The kind of love that stains your life
A hug that’s steeped in kindness.

The realist, real friend I have ever known
She brought out the best in me.
Special to her core and layered like an onion
She planted seeds in all of us and even now they grow

Her will was strength unheard of
To break your heart at closer glance
Humbled in moments of weakness
She oh so rarely shared

Her short life knew the pain of ages
Pain we couldn’t heal.
It took her love, her Phil away
So cruel and far too soon.

This grief it was a monster,
And they battled night and day
It took so much to carry on
But she won the war and found a way

Tough as old boots, to weather out the rain
She would not yield, she could not slow
Just kept on running, fighting, climbing,
High as angels, flying free.

Too British for a fairytale ending
Too American to settle for less
Gone too soon, even if it’d been a hundred years from now
But now it is, it has to be.

And I can hear you now
Helping with all your strength
Holding, soothing, listening to our hearts
Telling us to dry our eyes: get up and go
Keep trying, keep living, keep holding on

So words have been said
But I don’t want them to end
Because I know that when it’s done
They’ll be nothing more to say
Except…. ‘goodbye’