Monday 30 May 2011

Love is not simply a combination of two people
It is an invisible connection that binds hearts to souls.
Sometimes love is as sweet as a raindrop sliding across your skin.
Sometimes it is as dry and lonely as an echo in the desert.
Love is the gift of sharing everything you have
And everything you do
And everything you see in this world.
An exchange; a life for a life.
From love explodes something new,
But not just something new, new life
 And not just new life, a new being
And not just a new being but a new generation of being alive, born from love
By Sandeepa Samarasinghe 29th May
Translated by Caro Dixey

Free writing: Love is……

Love is a joke.
Its not real. How can it be?
How can it exist in the souls of thousands people all at once.
Love is beauty and peace,
Sitting in silence without having to think about the next moment.
Love lasts forever. It doesn’t fade or disappear.
It is a tattoo on your heart that you either expose and accept
or you betray your self and the fact that is beating in your chest.
Love is changed, hurt, destroyed, ended and raped by life.
What happens around us corrupts the heart and makes the mind lie to itself to serve its pleasure.
Don’t tell me you will love me forever,
Tell me you’ll try, knowing the truth that
Life; us; you; me; him; her; them; it will always change.
That change is time
And Love is time stopped still.

Thursday 19 May 2011

How to smoke a cigarette aggressively

  • Before lighting and during smoking ensure that all gesticulations are emphasized sharply with said cigarette.
  • Shake lighter violently and continue roll the flint a number of times before and after ignition.
  • Always inhale twice in one puff letting out a dribble of smoke in between.
  • Rip the cigarette sharply from your lips in a large exaggerated motion. Tilt your head to the sky and pout with your lower lip as you shoot the smoke upwards with an angry exhale.
  • Now bite down hard pulling your lips away from your teeth as you suck in a fraction of fresh air before your next drag.