Sunday 20 October 2013



Faith is a bird
Precious feathers that float in the breeze.
She speaks her voice through the silence
Sings out in peace and statue.

Faith is a child
Playing hide and go seek.
Her attention flickers from new world to new world
With innocent eyes that dart around.

Faith is a candle
Lighting up a darkened room.
Though she is tortured by the wind
Still she holds strong; strong and true

Faith is a snowflake
Unique in everyone.
Resting on pavements, paths and houses
She blesses all she's touched

Faith is a blade of grass or grain of sand
Strong amongst communion.
The sum of her parts that make up the whole
Harder to see for all the trees.

Faith is a poem
A collection of thoughts and prayers.
Her words become promises
Kept forever, forgotten in now.

Faith is like hope, like love, like forgiveness
She needs protection and time; patience un-ended.
She will never be bought and never be sold
But bravely won by the worthiest heart.

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