Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ode to Butlins

Butlins, Skegness

Home to the circus where hope has come to die
to die, to sleep, no:
Never to sleep perchance to give up on dreams.
To sit in a white tent watching has-beens in red
Hang on to "beings" in polyester.
It is a world of mediocre, cheap thrills, expensive rooms
Soaked in ambivalence, an apathy for ambition.
Everyday lingers, languishing in reality
Megaphones that pale and meals that make you paler.
Disillusioning doubles, in two by twos
By twos by infuriating boos.
Uninterested stares, personality wears and grinds 
To the point no person should go. 
Where the fun never stops;
It never began, begun, begins...
Opened with a bang... Closes with a phifffff!

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