Saturday, 1 August 2015

My sad in Budapest, my aching treasure chest

My sad in Budapest, my aching treasure chest

Familiar sound in unfamily surroundings
An unknown reason, no need to rhyme
Sad for its own sake,  amongst a shussh├ęd laugh and awkward stares.
In the company of infantile smiles; a friendship that’s true
Comforted banter in the face of distant absence
Through miles that can’t be quenched by honesty and wine.

But still the sad is still sad
Closer to my eyes , burning with undeserving tears
Feeling realer in my bones, weighing heavy on my heart.
It’s always darkest just before the dawn
But this pinhole eclipse has surprised my soul
And a sad-drop wells, sighing slowly - falling unwanted.

Opposites attract and so joy meets its pair
Sorrow bubbles, and giggles, and spills out of the cracks
It’s here: in there - still where it always was.
But this is not my sad, not my song - not today
This isn’t from now for how I am in this moment
This is a sad hangover, hung over shadows I wish didn’t belong.