Thursday, 5 June 2014

And For a Second

And for a second

I stood on the grass in bare feet tonight
I felt lighter, easier, still in myself.
Reminded of your love, my smile, our time,
As soft green and yellow stroked my tired skin.
Purple-pink flowers kissed open wounds
...and for a second, I was better.

I was standing on calmness in bare feet tonight
A place I lost when we said goodbye.
Cool air dried hot tears and stained eyes,
The blades of the earth bowed ‘neath my weight.
Bent but unbroken, still holding on
...and for a second, I was stronger.

I could float away from here in a sky that feels heavy
Float from pain in clouds filled with heartache
From worlds without sense and days still to come.

I could howl and scream and bleed tears from my veins
Unsettled but unmoving, rocked by each moment.

I could crawl through the coals, draw flesh from my eyes,
Inch mountains and rivers just to tear into heaven.

But the cool evening breezwe vows glory as day goodbyes,
The promise of beauty, somewhere, still alive.
And for a second you were there.

So I wash my hands of the tears and the heartbreak
Leave you, and it, and my brokenness aside,
To push on, and up, tilt my head to the skies
And never, for an ever, for a second forget.

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