Tuesday 20 June 2017

For the man I now know

You are the man I never would have known,
Yours is the love that was always there.
It went unnoticed as real life passed,
My unsung hero that clothed and fed me.
Out of the politics, away from the drama,
Like bullet proof glass, invisible, you were there.

Your love grew like a tree, wrapping in and round me,
Beknown I am supported, encased, uplifted.
Like the foundations of a house, never to be seen,
You were there, you are here, you hear, you see.
Unexpected learns and unrequired turns,
Selfless in each and every act that you do.

A gentleman, who spoils my deepest cynic,
The tallest, safest place that I know.
A gift that consoles the deepest of wounds,
Bound in this grief, united with strength.
You are the man I never would have known;
You are the man who makes me my own.

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