Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Mother's Commute

Mother’s Commute

Look at me Mama!
- I’m looking at my phone
But I want you to look at me
- Stop distracting me please
Can I see? Whatcha doing?
- I said, don’t touch.

Look at me Mama!
- I just got a message
Who is it? For me?
- It’s private, don’t do that.
Can I tell you something Mama?
- I’m busy, don’t speak

Look at me Mama!
- I’m talking to someone
Can you talk to me now?
- Only when I’m done
School was fun today
- Good, now don’t move.

Do you love me Mama?
- Of course I do.
Will you look at me now?
- I see you child, but I’m busy
Ok Mama but…
- But what I’m –

I’m all grown up now.

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