Saturday, 24 March 2012

Just Enough

I'm an intelligent person with an irrational problem
The place that I live in is flawed .
I believe what people tell me and I hope for the best,
I see what's right but it doesn't come from my hand.
What ever it is, it's stronger than me,
Older, and wiser and bigger than me.
No-one knows what we're thinking
We all hide it so damn well -
All buy it and watch it and follow it too well.

We talk budgets and buildings,
Politics plays at living while life stands slowly still.
Non-uniform wearers have so much in common:
Colour palates and plastic wrapped lunches,
Yet none of it quite fits, quite right. Just left.  
All the trays piled up are wet; soiled just a little.
Reused, recycled, refreshed just enough -
Enough to stack up and step on, stand tall as we can:
Bruised, used and damaged here, still.

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