Monday, 27 February 2012


Names and dates, do you understand me please?
Colours and clothes, you understand me yes?
Two different plains, different energies around us
A room full of pain and the heaviest of hearts.
Hands clenched in hope, begging to be next.
Please come through, please be here,
Do you understand me? Please?

Help us to hope. Let us feel the proof
And hear someone else's voice say things only they would.
Searching, scanning. Hopefulness drains to despair:
Screaming for you to whisper just once more in my ear.
We don't take no's but that's all that I've got
On the edge of no-where where nothing makes sense,
Make me understand you. Please!

I'm running out of energy, can't feel hers at all
Because I gave her up and I let her go.
I didn't try to stop her, just watched her leave and said goodbye.
I never called her back, didn't beg her to stay.
I was too tired to try, too empty to hope.
Too proud to stop and cry, too ‘ard to admit the truth.

Maybe she waited to see if I needed her; I did,
But chose not to, covered my face and carried on.
Now it's too late, she's been gone too far.
Too missed too long, too cold for her to stay.

I’m the boy who never cried wolf, the girl who didn't cry:
Wiped my face and smiled on, fought on, thought on.
But now it's here: a wolf at my door,
Tears in my heart with nowhere to fall.
Do you understand me please?
Do you understand me?

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