Tuesday, 1 March 2011


CANCER is a word that no-one likes.
It’s sound is fear, hushed tones and wet eyes.
CANCER is a word that no-one wants to say
It’s name is helpless sorrow that flicks to the end of a book with doomed impatience.
CANCER  is a word that’s easily explained - never justified.
It comes to us premeditated, or random, and both.
A lifestyle lottery that decides its own fate.
Blind faith tested late and impending knowledge of the unknown.
CANCER is: a fact, a part
Of our world.
No tears; no anger; no sense of unfairness
Changes the truth that this word delivers.
CANCER is a word. We don’t like to use.
Say it quickly and it isn’t really real, really
Don’t repeat it I heard you the first time,
Understood the echo deafening my mind.
Because CANCER is a word that leads to something.
Hair loss, love lost, life lessons learned
Too often too soon to explain a world too hard to face alone.
CANCER is a word I don’t want to hear.
Not anymore.
Never again. 

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