Thursday, 16 March 2017

Don't tell him

Don't tell him

Don't tell him that I said:
He's right - I'm always wrong.
Don't tell him I was listening
Or learning, waiting for unknowns.

Don't tell him that I care
What he thinks and how he says.
Don't let him know I trust him
'Cause I can tell him all of me.

Keep secret he's a beautiful friend
Loyal and strong to the core.
Don't tell him he's my confidant
His advice lands far too much.

Don't tell that he's interesting
Do not laugh at all his jokes.
Don't let him keep interrupting you
With: "listen...No, no listen".

Don't tell him who he really is
He's not supposed to know.
But shout to those without the knows:
His absence is their loss.  


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