Tuesday 13 March 2012


Itchy skin,
Painful scratches
Single hairs sensitive to every movement.
Frustrated screams that shout nothing but silence,
And scratch me. Go on, you’ll feel better.
-       I’ll go.
 Itchy skin
Freckles pulsating,
Sound echoing from every touch.
Acute dips in temperature that only I can feel,
Goading me to pick. Go on, you’ll feel better.
-       I’ll go.
Skin itching
Teeth clenching
Moisture leaves my mouth
And the urge bubbles through my brain:
Go on. You’ll feel better.
-       I’ll go.
But you don’t do you!
You’re the only one who never leaves, never lets me go;
Never walk, run or swim alone
Without your breath on my neck
Whispering: Go on, you’ll feel better.

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