Sunday, 14 August 2011

If the world owes you something............

If you don't like your life, simply burn it down
So you can start again from scratch,
From ashes and mud.

Attack the school that tried to teach you right from wrong,
To teach them a lesson they'll never forget.
Charge the church that offered you peace
And the club that volunteered to keep you warm and dry.
Rattle lampposts and up turn bins
To hammer home your well rounded argument.
Intimidate the buses that get you around,
And torch cars you dreamed you'd own,
If only life was “fair”.

If you are angry that your life didn't turn out exactly as you wanted,
Go straight to the source and make them pay:
The shops and businesses of your own sorry community.
Show them the injustice that bears down upon you
As you bear upon them, with violence and hate.

Stand up and take what's yours - an eye for an eye.
Take terror to the streets you live in,
Until they know exactly who you are.

And when you are finished, and you've made your case,
Stand up in court
And get just what you deserve!

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