Friday, 4 March 2011

Tower Bridge

Let me sit and watch the rippling Thames all day in the peace.
Let me drink my bitter comfort
And just feel sad, not need to smile.

Let the pigeon walk in circles around at my feet
And the tall bearded stranger click at the glass and the metal.

Drench me in chit chat and clip clack surround.
Cover me in birdsong callings,
Ringtones in flight.

Let the dredgers drudge the dark flowing tarmac,
Dislodging the calm.
Then let the calm drift backwards, down.
Serenity floating as the city strides along.

And now let me sink, deep in my thoughts
And play at this game without a worry of time.
Let the chill ache through my body
Stimulating, soothingly
A mind busy at rest;
The rest for my mind.

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